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Systems Division

The Monterey County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office established the Systems Division in September of 2007.  The Systems Division provides quality customer service driven support to all the Divisions within the Department. The Systems Division also provides the same level of service to all its external customers. The Systems Division’s responsibilities include:

    • Maintaining the Departmental Datacenter
    • Server and Desktop Procurement
    • Server Administration
    • Application Support & Training
    • PC Support (software and hardware)
    • Peripheral Support
    • Web Page Design and Maintenance
    • Web Application Design, Support and Maintenance
    • Data Distribution
    • Database Design, Training, & Support
    • Computer Security & System Integrity
    • Business needs Evaluation and Technology Solutions
    • Coordination with Information Technology Department on countywide technology regulations and policies
    • Application and Data Backups and Offsite Storage
    • Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation