Monterey County Zoning Administrator



Thursday, April 8, 2010


Monterey County Government Center – Board of Supervisors Chambers

168 W. Alisal Street

Salinas, CA 93901

1:30 p.m.


Mike Novo, Zoning Administrator                                 Michael Trapani, Water Resources Agency

Nicole Silva, Environmental Health                                Chad Alinio, Public Works


A.        ROLL CALL








1.         1:30 P.M. - HOUGHAM ANN E - PLN070282

           Planning Area: Central Salinas Valley.  Project Planner:  Daniel Lister.  Environmental Status:  Categorically Exempt.  Project Description:  Administrative Permit to allow the transient use of residential property for remuneration purposes for one family or a group of individuals, not to exceed 20 persons at a time.  The use includes the transient rental (not less than 7 days nor more than 30 consecutive days) of existing historical structures and the premises for a total not to exceed 75 percent of the year.  The structures include a 2,750 square foot single family residence, a detached 735 square foot cottage and a detached 220 square foot guest room.  No additional construction, grading or tree removal is proposed for this use.  The properties are located at 46005 Arroyo Seco Road, Greenfield (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 419‑441‑005‑000 and 419‑441‑006‑000), Central Salinas Valley area.  Recommended Action:  Approve Project


2.         1:30 P.M. - WATER WEST CORPORATION - PLN080501

            Planning Area:  North County Area - Coastal Zone.  Project Planner:  Liz Gonzales.  Environmental Status:  Categorically Exempt.  Project Description:  Coastal Development Permit To Allow The Installation Of A Manganese And Iron Treatment Facility At An Existing Public Well Station.  The Project Is Located At 335 Berry Road Near Willow Road In Las Lomas (Assessor's Parcel Number 119‑101‑027‑000), North County Area, Coastal Zone.  Recommended Action:  Approve Project


3.         1:30 P.M. - POLLACK MICHAEL A & ALISON C - PLN090058

           Planning Area:  Greater Monterey Peninsula Area.  Project Planner:  Eric Snider.  Environmental Status:  Categorically Exempt.  Project Description:  Combined Development Permit Consisting Of: 1) An Administrative Permit For Development In A Site Plan Review District To Allow The Construction Of A 3,750 Square Foot One‑Story Single Family Dwelling With A Detached 1,705 Square Foot Three-Car Garage (981 Square Feet) And Caretaker's Unit (724 Square Feet) 2) An Administrative Permit For The Construction Of A 724 Square Foot Caretaker's Unit; And 3) Design Approval For Development In A Design Review District.  The Property Is Located At 70 Chamisal Pass Road, Carmel (Assessor's Parcel Number 239‑102‑031‑000), Greater Monterey Peninsula Area.  Recommended Action:  Approve Project


4.         1:30 P.M. - ROTH NEAL A & VICKI - PLN090094

            Planning Area:  Greater Monterey Peninsula Area.  Project Planner:  Eric Snider.   Environmental Status:  Categorically Exempt.  Project Description:   CONTINUED FROM 3/25/10.  Variance To Allow Additional Floor Area Ratio On The Subject Property And Design Approval To Allow A 323 Square Foot Addition To An Existing 3,618 Square Foot Two‑Story Single Family Dwelling.  Allowed Floor Area Ratio Is 35%, Existing Floor Area Ratio Is 34% And Proposed Floor Area Ratio Would Be 38%.  Colors And Materials To Match Existing.  Removal Of One Oak Tree.  The Project Is Located At 953 Sand Dunes Road, Pebble Beach (Assessors Parcel Number: 007‑251‑009‑000), Greater Monterey Peninsula Area Plan.  Recommended Action:   Approve Project


5.         1:30PM - JAGGERS KURT R & SUZANNE K JAGGERS TRS - PLN090253

            Planning Area:  Carmel Land Use Plan.  Project Planner:  Joe Sidor.  Environmental Status:  Categorically Exempt.  Project Description:  Continued from 3/25/10.  Combined Development Permit consisting of:  1) a Coastal Administrative Permit For the demolition of an existing 4,343 square foot single family dwelling with an attached 429 square foot garage, and the construction of a new 5,080 square foot single family dwelling with an attached 670 square foot garage and 644 square feet of deck; 2) a Coastal Development Permit to allow development within 750 feet of a known archaeological resource; 3) a Coastal Development Permit to allow development on slope greater than 30 percent; 4) a Variance from the 18‑foot height limit to allow a height above average natural grade of approximately 21.7 feet (net reduction of approximately 1.6 feet from the existing residence); 5) Design Approval; and Grading consisting of approximately 1,010 cubic yards of cut and 200 cubic yards of fill (net export of approximately 810 cubic yards).  The property is located at 2741 Calle La Cruz, Carmel (Assessor's Parcel Number 243‑031‑033‑000), Carmel Meadows, Carmel Land Use Plan Area, Coastal Zone.  Recommended Action:  Approve Project






The Recommended Action indicates the staff recommendation at the time the agenda was prepared.  That recommendation does not limit the Zoning Administrator’s alternative actions on any matter before it.


DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION:  Documents relating to agenda items that are distributed to the Zoning Administrator less than 72 hours prior to the meeting are available for public inspection at the front counter of the Resource Management Agency – Planning and Building Services Departments, Monterey County Government Center , 168 W. Alisal Street, 2nd Floor, Salinas, CA.  Documents distributed by County staff at the meeting of the Zoning Administrator will be available at the meeting.


If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 USC Sec. 12132)  and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  For information regarding how, to whom and when a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting may make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation including auxiliary aids or services or if you have any questions about any of the items listed on this agenda please call the Monterey County Resource Management Agency - Planning Department at (831) 755-5025.