Title 20
Zoning Ordinance for the County of Monterey
(Applies to areas within the Coastal Zone)






20.02 General Provisions
20.04 Zoning Administrator 
20.06 Definitions
20.08 Zoning Districts
20.10 High Density Residential or HDR (CZ) Districts 
20.12 Medium Density Residential or MDR (CZ) Districts 
20.14 Low Density Residential or LDR (CZ) Districts 
20.16 Rural Density Residential or RDR (CZ) Districts
20.17 Watershed and Scenic Conservation or WSC (CZ) Districts
20.18 Coastal General Commercial or CGC (CZ) Districts
20.20 Moss Landing Commercial or MLC (CZ) Districts 
20.21 Industrial Commercial or IC (CZ) Districts
20.22 Visitor Serving Commercial or VSC (CZ) Districts
20.24 Agricultural Industrial or AI (CZ) Districts 
20.26 Light Industrial or LI (CZ) Districts
20.28 Heavy Industrial or HI (CZ) Districts
20.30 Coastal Agriculture Preserve of CAP (CZ) Districts 
20.32 Agricultural Conservation or AC (CZ) Districts
20.36 Resource Conservation or RC (CZ) Districts
20.38 Open Space Recreation or OR (CZ) Districts
20.40 Public/Quasi-Public or PQP (CZ) Districts 
20.42 Building Site or B Districts 
20.44 Design Control or D Districts
20.48 Limited Agriculture or A Districts 
20.54 Historic Resources or HR Districts
20.56 Improvement Zoning or Z Districts
20.58 Regulations for Parking
20.60 Regulations for Signs 
20.62 Height and Setback Exceptions 
20.64.010 Senior Citizen Units 
20.64.020 Guesthouses
20.64.030 Caretakers
20.64.040 Manufactured Dwelling Units on a Permanent Foundation
20.64.050 Mobilehomes with Existing Discretionary Permits
20.64.060 Mobilehomes with out Existing Discretionary Permits
20.64.070 Temporary Residences During the Construction of a Dwelling
20.64.080 Emergency Facilities for Public Utilities
20.64.090 Home Occupations
20.64.095 Cottage Industry 
20.64.100 Bed and Breakfast Facilities
20.64.110 Timeshare Uses
20.64.120 Wind Energy Conversion Systems
20.64.140 Location and Siting of Genetic Engineering Experiments
20.64.150 Special Events at County Parks
20.64.160 Public Utility Distribution and Transmission Facilities
20.64.170 Water Facilities in Approved Subdivisions
20.64.180 Density of Development
20.64.190 Transfer of Development Credit
20.64.200 Adult Entertainment Facilities
20.64.210 Mobilehome Parks

Relocated Structures and Mobilehomes

20.64.230 Development on Slopes in Excess of 30%
20.64.240 Determination of Vested Rights
20.64.250 Reduction of Vehicle Trips for Certain Developments
20.64.260 Public and Quasi-Public Uses
20.64.280 Easements, Offers of Dedication, Deed Restrictions and Notices
20.64.300 Historic Resources
20.64.310 Wireless Communication Facilities
20.66.010 Ridgeline Development
20.66.020 Standards for Environmentally Sensitive Habitats
20.66.030 Standards for Agricultural Uses
20.66.040 Standards for Hazardous Areas
20.66.050 Standards Archaeological Resource Areas
20.66.060 Standards for Farm Employee and Farm Worker Housing
20.68 Establishment of Legal Nonconforming Uses
20.70 Coastal Development Permits
20.76 Coastal Administrative Permits
20.78 Variances
20.79 Emergency Permits
20.80 Renewal of Permits
20.82 Combined Development Permits
20.84 Public Hearings
20.86 Appeals
20.88 Appeals to Administrative Interpretations
20.90 Enforcement, Administrative and Legal Procedures, Penalties
20.92 Airport Approaches Zoning
20.94 Amendments to Title
20.96 Ordinances Incorporated by Reference